Arts & Humanities Elective (IMD, NET & OSS programs only)

Students may choose any undergraduate course at Carleton University outside the faculties of Business, Science and Engineering, course prerequisites apply. Choose a topic that fits your interests and doesn't conflict with other core subjects in your timetable. Course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar. Make sure you read the description and check for prerequisites before registration.

If you encounter a restriction when trying to register, please submit a Registration Override Request on Carleton Central, and the department owning the course will get back to you.

Electives are available to be taken any term however they are typically taken according to the following schedule:

  • IMD Program - 1.0 credit taken fall and winter of 1st year.
  • NET Program - 0.5 credit taken in fall of 1st year.
  • OSS Program - 0.5 credit taken in winter of 4th year.

List of accepted subject codes.