Switching Programs within BIT

Regulation 3.1.9 Changes of Degree Program, Table 1 reflects the overall and major CGPA thresholds required, additional requirements may apply to some programs.

Please consult with CSIT Undergraduate Advising for specific eligibility criteria.

BIT students who meet the minimum CGPA requirements for a Change of Program Elements (COPE) can submit the Change of Program Elements (COPE) form in Carleton Central. Students use the COPE form to:

  • change majors within BIT (ex: OSS to NET), or
  • declare a program stream (IMD students only with 4th year standing)

For general information on the process for applying to change your program, please refer to the Registrar's Office Change of Program Elements.

While the Change of Program Elements form is open all year, we do not switch students between majors in the winter term. BIT students are strongly encouraged to submit their Change of Program requests in early May to ensure that the request is processed in advance of fall/winter registration time-tickets opening mid-summer.

Note 1: Until a change of program request is approved, BIT students will be limited to register in courses included in their current program requirements.

Note 2: When a change of program request is approved, students will be subject to the rules, regulations, and degree requirements in the new catalog year. Catalog year appears at the top of the academic audit, which can be run in Carleton Central.