Registration Override Requests

The Course Registration Override System (CROS) is a registration tool that forwards override requests to the appropriate department administrator for review. CROS encompasses the Registration Override Request function of Carleton Central. Override access must be requested via the Registration Override Request on Carleton Central. Check out the how-to video for detailed instructions. Please note that you must attempt to register in the course before you are able to submit a request.

Override access to equivalent BIT courses offered by engineering departments must be requested using the Engineering Override Request Form (EOR) (AERO, ASCE, CIVE, ECOR, ELEC, ENVE, MAAE, MECH, SREE, SYSC). Detailed instructions for how to submit an EOR can be found here. Engineering normally reserves space for their own students, so space is often limited.

Prerequisite Overrides

Some courses require you to take one or more prerequisites to get into the course. A prerequisite is a course that must be successfully completed (with a minimum grade of D- or above unless otherwise noted) BEFORE you are able to register into the course. Course prerequisites are indicated with arrows on your program progression map (IMD, IRM, NET and OSS) and are also published in the Undergraduate Calendar. Always look at the most current version of the calendar to determine which prerequisites are required for the course that you are trying to take. The School of Information Technology strictly enforces prerequisites as outlined in the calendar. If you do not meet the listed prerequisites for a course but believe that you have completed equivalent prerequisites, please submit a Registration Override Request.