A Co-op option is available for BIT students in either program. Students interested in co-op must:

  • Apply before the beginning of their second year through the Carleton Co-op website
  • Register and complete COOP1000 prior to their first Work Term
  • Have successfully completed 5.0 or more credits
  • Be registered as a full-time student
  • Be eligible to work in Canada (for off-campus placements)
  • Have obtained and maintained a Major CGPA of 8.0 (B) or higher

Co-op Structure

The following is the preferred work term structure, variations can be discussed and need to be approved by the School of Information Technology's Co-op Advisor.

  • Complete your first co-op term in the summer after your 2nd year of studies
  • Complete your 2nd, 3rd and 4th co-op terms in the winter, summer and fall after the fall term of your 3rd year
  • Complete your last co-op work term in the summer of before your 4th year
Coop Work Terms

Important Items

  • Students must register and complete COOP 1000 (the Co-op preparation class) before they can apply for jobs, and before their first placement
  • Students must apply to be in the co-op program to be able to take COOP1000. Students are charged the first of 4 co-op admin fees while taking the on-line course and are required to have a SAT to participate in the co-op program
  • Students are permitted to apply for jobs in the term following the completion of COOP1000
  • The co-op option will add at least one calendar year to your program of studies
  • Co-op fees are applicable. Contact the Co-op office for details
  • You can take up to 5 work-terms, but only 3 (successfully completed) co-op terms are required for graduation with the co-op designation. Two of the work-terms must be consecutive
  • The Work/Study Term pattern shown above is the recommended pattern; other patterns are available, but require permission from the Coop Advisor
  • Terms are normally 16 weeks in duration
  • Meeting the above requirements only establishes eligibility for co-op; the prevailing job market may limit enrolment in the program
  • Applicants who were admitted to the co-op option upon admission to a BIT program must meet the above requirements by the end of the first term of their 2nd year

Work Term Reports

Students must submit Work Term reports based on the general requirements set out by the coop office and in addition fulfill the requirements set out by the BIT program which can also be found on the co-op website.